youth orchestra bonanza

Well, it is definitely that time of year. We are all just getting back from our summer vacation- some of them were restful, some more productive, and then BAAMMMM! We are hit with the September onslaught of youth orchestra auditions. All the students are scurrying to learn their excerpts and win those spots!

As a former member of the American Youth Symphony Orchestra, I look back fondly on my many years in the violin section and, eventually, as concertmaster. The friends I made and the repertoire I learned under Maestro Treger’s skillful guidance has directly affected who I am today. The auditions, however, were always an emotional roller coaster. As I hear my students playing their excerpts, memories flood my mind. Click here to read more….

Memories of sheer terror at my first audition as I approached that infamous arpeggio passage up to the high D on the first page of Don Juan. Years later I’ve learned to love that passage – and what a great teaching tool.

Memories of playing excerpts for friends in the practice rooms and then listening to them play, commenting and sharing our mutual dissatisfaction with our own performances.

…of putting so many hours of practice into a 7 minute audition, and then feeling like I didn’t play anywhere near my best.

…of getting frustrated and trying to determine what might be the magical fingering that will help me play that note in tune!

…of acing the audition my third year and looking up to see a smile on Mr. Treger’s face.

These are just a few of the reasons I encourage my students to play in youth orchestra. The audition experience alone is worth it, let alone the wonderful years that lay ahead of them.

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