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You may ask yourself- when the heck does Danielle have time to make a violin pinata?? Well, I don’t have time.  But for some reason, it became a PRIORITY.   I suppose there was a reason; Ryan and I hosted a party at our house for Mr. Lipsett’s students 21+ and I had this idea that […]

A big Thank You to Ken Elias for his wonderfully extensive and passionate narrative!  Ken recalls the events leading up to the creation of the camp and reminisces about the week itself.  Click here to read the full story.  An excerpt is listed below. I. Eleven Weeks About four months ago I got a call […]

Congratulations students Mia Laity and Erin Dennis! Mia recently auditioned for the prestigious New York String Orchestra Seminar and was invited to participate this coming December. The seminar introduces the most exceptional young musicians to new musical ideas at a formative point in their development, offering them chamber music coaching from members of the world’s […]

Practice makes perfect -boy, is this the truth! The time you put in is important, but the quality of practicing is crucial. I love making lists (ask my students) so here are some of my favorite practicing tips. This is certainly a list that will be added to in blogs to come! 1) Sound is […]

At our last violin studio class of the Luzerne Music Center’s Senior Session, my lovely students decided to give me a goodbye surprise. Student Mia Laity (who plays on a very nice old Italian violin on loan to her) got up on stage to perform for the class. A fellow student Michael Acosta held her […]

Congratulations to students Adam Millstein, Michael Acosta and Erin Dennis for their solo performances last Saturday night. Also to Mia Laity for winning the Luzerne Music Center Concerto Competition. Mia will play the last movement of the Bruch concerto with the symphony orchestra a week from Sunday. At the Chamber Music concert this Saturday, students performed […]

Congratulations to students Anna Vosbigian, Alexzandra Morris, Avery Morris and Cameron Daly for their solo performances last Saturday night on the Luzerne Music Center stage. Additional kudos to Anna and Avery for being chosen to perform at the masterclass earlier that day with Raymond Gniewek, former concermaster of the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. In […]

We are into week 2 of the Luzerne Music Festival in the Adirondacks in upstate New York! It is a beautiful place…very different than Los Angeles, that’s for sure. Luzerne is run in the style of what I like to call “old school camps”. The students give up cell phones and internet for 4 weeks […]



Congratulations to student Mia Laity for her solo performance of Vivaldi’s Winter from the Four Seasons with the Phoenix Youth Symphony last week.            Congratulations also to Michael Acosta for winning this year’s  LA County High School of the Arts concerto competition.  Michael will be performing as soloist the first movement of […]

I’m currently reading “Violin Playing As I Teach It” by Leopold Auer, the violin virtuoso and iconic master teacher of even greater virtuosos like Heifetz and Elman. I recommend this book to any student and teacher of the violin. The wisdom in this book crosses over the centuries and applies to all of us who […]