Naxos Recording Project


Well, it’s finally that time. After months of building up towards this recording of Lawrence Dillon’s music, I find myself on a plane to Toronto with a mission – to RECORD SOMETHING THAT WILL FOLLOW ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE….no pressure. Seriously, though, I plan on enjoying myself as much as possible.

After a day of wandering around Toronto on my own, I settle into the Residence Inn across from the CBC studio building where I am to record tomorrow with David Fung, my pianist. Really nice hotel – like a cute little apartment. David and I immediately notice the jacuzzi, which we will definitely take advantage of later. Especially since it is 28 degrees below zero outside!!


Day 1: Toronto, Ontario. Glenn Gould Studio.

On our first day, we tackled the piano sonata. We spent 1 hour on the 2nd movement, 2 hours on the first movement, and another hour on the Marimba/Violin piece, which Stan Muncy flew out just for one day to record! Our recording engineer, Norbert Kraft, was absolutely amazing. Click here to read more….


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  1. 1 jerome anthony

    Nice blog, Danielle! I just might bookmark it…

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