Archive for February, 2009 February 16, 2009   American composer Lawrence Dillon is featured on the NAXOS recording. Violinist Danielle Belen is joined in this duo by Juan Miguel Hernandez. This is “Bacchus Chaconne”. produced by Norbert Kraft & Bonnie Silver in Toronto

Well, it’s finally that time. After months of building up towards this recording of Lawrence Dillon’s music, I find myself on a plane to Toronto with a mission – to RECORD SOMETHING THAT WILL FOLLOW ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE….no pressure. Seriously, though, I plan on enjoying myself as much as possible. After […]

The poor left hand pinky finger – he gets such a bad rap. Some violinists avoid him altogether, steering clear of having to use him by ANY means – stemmed from a fear of giving him any responsibility whatsoever. He’s like that wimpy, shy kid that sits in the back of the classroom – he’s cute, but never gets called on by the teacher.


Lawrence Dillon, the composer of such soon-to-be-FAMOUS hits as Facade, Bacchus Chaconne, and Mister Blister, made his first visit to the Colburn School today! I was really nervous to meet him – after months of speaking his name on a daily basis to one person or another, I finally got to shake hands with the man himself. I’ve made some assumptions about his personality based on his compositions…that he has a weird sense of humor like me, that he is deeply passionate about what he does, that he loves the kazoo, etc. (Thanks to my student, Michael, for a delightful kazoo performance on the recital today)

For the last 4 months I have been corresponding with composer Lawrence Dillon about our recording project with Naxos.  We’ve  exchanged emails on almost a daily basis and I’ve been living with his music nonstop day in and day out for the last month or so.  I’ve performed pieces of his in Weill Hall, Thayer […]